Technologies we ❤️

Shopify stands out from its competitors because it is user friendly. The interface is intutive to use and setup in a way for non technical users to easily understand. Shopify has thousands of apps to expand its functionality which are easily setup through an integrated app store. Since Shopify is a cloud based solution, it scales seamlessy. Last but not least, Shopify provides you with usefl KPIs to track traffic and sales.
Craft Commerce
Craft Commerce excels at building completley bespoke eCommerce websites. Craft Commerce is an excellent choice for content heavy site that need a more robust content management system CMS or for existing Craft Commerce sites.
WooCommerce strength is that it offers great flexability and customization options. It allows the selling of physical, digital, external products (e.g Amazon affliates) and more. Built as a plugin for Wordpress, WooCommerce is a good option for existing sites built on Wordpress, or for a project which needs a full fledged content management system (CMS).
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